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10 Awesome Grunge Background and Texture Sets

10 Awesome Grunge Background and Texture Sets

2019-11-17 | Design

Awesome selection of grunge textures, backgrounds and graphic. All hand picked from the best premium resources around for use in your next project.

10 Awesome Grunge Background Texture Sets The Ginormous Grunge Collection

This super pack with a huge collection of 328 grunge objects can save you the effort and time when you want to roughen up your design projects a bit. The Ginormous grunge collection is crafted carefully and comes in different sizes and shapes like textures, frames, stains, brush strokes and spray paint. Click here to access it.

The Ginormous Grunge Collection The Ginormous Grunge Collection View More Grunge Textures Vector Pack

This pack consists of 32 fantastic grunge textures, and it is very suitable for any vintage, retro or grunge design projects. He grunge vector pack is superb, and every designer needs this in their collecti on. I use this pack on a daily basis for my projects. Click here to get this pack.

Grunge Textures Vector Pack Grunge Textures Vector Pack View More Grunge SKY Backgrounds / Summer

This pack comprises of twelve different backgrounds, and it’s suitable for web, print and motion designs. You can also use this pack for your presentations, websites banner, landing page, app design, logo design and so on. To get this pack, click here.

Grunge SKY Backgrounds / Summer Grunge SKY Backgrounds / Summer View More 6 Motion Grunge Backgrounds

This grunge background, which is fantastic for web graphic or design, consists of 16 JPG backgrounds with different dimension: 4000 x 2800 PLX 300 dpi RGB format. You can also use this file for projects such as e-Card, websites, photo overlay, presentations, PowerPoint, and so on. Click here to get this pack.

6 Motion Grunge Backgrounds 6 Motion Grunge Backgrounds View More Grunge Textures

If you are looking for heavy grunge textures to distress and rough up your designs, you can count on this pack for your design needs. Originally, these texts were derived from pictures of real surfaces to give an authentic feel and look. Click here for heavy grunge textures.

Grunge Textures Grunge Textures View More Grunge – 32 Experimental Backgrounds

Do you need fresh experimental backgrounds to give you project a feeling of power and energy? If yes, you can use our newly designed grunge pack. This collection is becoming more popular among users who want to create an original and exciting artwork that can communicate with their audience, allowing them to create more digital media, exciting packaging and invitation messages.’ You can use this pack to quickly create something that will grab a reader or viewer’s attention instantly. Experimental backgrounds add volume or loudness to designs; this is one of the reasons they work very well. This pack consists of 32 JPEG photos. Individuals seeking a more distorted and eroded look (dark and dirty contracts with rusty colour) can count on this pack to capture their audience. Click here to get experimental backgrounds.

Grunge – 32 Experimental Backgrounds Grunge – 32 Experimental Backgrounds View More Grunge Backgrounds

This pack consists of 15 different JPG background files. You can use this pack for your graphic or web designs. Click here to get files.

Grunge Backgrounds Grunge Backgrounds View More Prairie Girl Soft Grunge Textures

The inspiration for these textures was gotten from old barns and cottages, and my plan was to give them a shabby and elegant look. These textures feature aged paints and colors to give a perfect harmony of country and delicacy feel The gelatin mono-printing techniques were used in making the Prairie Girl Soft Grunge textures. The process has to do with laying paint on a gelatin plate, apply different manipulations, and printing the impression on paper. Each texture was made by layering three to five paint layers for maximum interest and depth. Ensure you go through all the previews for a better and engaging feel. You can count on the Prairie Girl textures if you need less-polished, soft and feminine country-inspired textures. This pack is ideal for collages, branding, art prints, packaging, greeting cards, invitations, and any other design projects. Click here to get Prairie Girl Soft Grunge Textures.

Prairie Girl Soft Grunge Textures Prairie Girl Soft Grunge Textures View More The Ultimate Textures Bundle

You will find eight of my best texture collections in this pack; it consists of more than 240 separate files. This pack comprises of: Each texture in the 30 Super High-Resolution Bitmap Textures is offered as individual high-resolution TIFF files. All vector textures are offered as individual Illustrator 8.0 eps files. Every collection consists of 8 pdf visual reference guides. You can use any of these files on bitmap and vector applications like Photoshop, and Adobe illustrator, early versions included. Click here to get this package.

The Ultimate Textures Bundle The Ultimate Textures Bundle View More 100 Grunge Photoshop Textures

This pack consists of 100 Grunge Photoshop Textures you can easily use for your design projects. You can use this package to give your designs an authentic and subtle touch. Reasons to like this grunge Photoshop textures collection: Authentic photos. User-friendly. All you need to do it place your project and try out different blending modes. Amazing value. Authentic and natural look, making your work look subtle and convincing. Offers you a vast texture library to use for any of your graphics or design projects. Click here to get this grunge text pack now.

100 Grunge Photoshop Textures 100 Grunge Photoshop Textures View More