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10 Reasons to Use WordPress

10 Reasons to Use WordPress

2020-01-28 |

WordPress has grown to be one of the largest self-hosted blogging tools in the entire world.

Evidenced by the fact that it is utilised on millions of sites and viewed by ten times this amount of people on a daily basis.

But you probably want to know why this is the case and why you should make use of WordPress. The ten reasons listed below will explain exactly why you should be using WordPress.

1. It’s Free!

This is especially useful if you are just starting out as a new blogger or want to create your first website. As free software you can conduct multiple actions such as download, install, make use of and modify. Therefore you can create any type of website that you want. It’s perfect! Not only is it free but you can have the freedom you need to be creative.

2. It’s Easy!

Not only is WordPress free, but it is also simple to use and quick to learn. But if you’re finding it a little difficult to get used to, there are many step by step tutorials lurking around the web to help you out. It’s extremely easy to edit and can handle multiple media types and is super versatile. Make use of it for whatever you want, such as blogging or creating a whole website.

3. Desirable Design Themes

WordPress provides a tremendous amount of professionally developed themes for you to make use of, many of which are available, again, free of charge. This way you can have a skilfully designed website without excess expense, hassle or making use of a professional web designer.

why use wordpress
why use wordpress
why use wordpress

4. Mobile Responsive

There is no doubt that mobile website usage is now beyond comprehensible, so by using WordPress with its responsive mobile features you can ensure that your site is optimised for maximum traffic. In response to this ever developing technology WordPress has been created to work easily on multiple smart devices such as laptops, iPads, tablets and smart phones. This use of Responsive Web Design makes WordPress a no brainer.

5. Easily Available

The availability of WordPress makes it an ideal choice – is spread across hundreds of servers. Therefore the chance of all of them crashing simultaneously is extremely unlikely.

6. Super Secure has a strong security system in place, managing security for the user and providing fixes for any possible security issues.

why use wordpress
why use wordpress

7. Some Superb Plug-ins

With the many valuable plug-ins that WordPress contains I’d be surprised if you could come up with any functionality you cannot swiftly add to any WordPress site. Again they are usually free, making it easy for you to find a free plugin to do most actions. These plugins are super user friendly as they are easily downloaded, installed and configured in no time.

why use wordpress

8. Support is Second-to-None

Due to the popularity of WordPress, there has been no choice but to respond to this. This is just as you would expect from such a popular platform. Due to these needs the support community is lively and vast. You’ll not only find devoted WordPress support resources, but you’ll also find a copious amount of third-party forums and other avenues of assistance. I have no doubt that any questions you have will already have been answered by someone somewhere.

9. Updates are Constant

Due to the popularity and huge worldwide use of WordPress it is no surprise that work and improvements on the platform are constant. Yes, it sometimes feels that keeping on top of these updates is never-ending, but just remember it also creates a system constantly evolving and improving.

10. SEO and Search Engine Friendly

Not only does this ensure maximum traffic to your site but it also automatically solves lots of SEO issues. This leads me on to my next point; SEO is made easy with WordPress. WordPress is naturally SEO-friendly, with multiple useful features such as the option to automatically produce search-friendly URLS, along with allowing you to maintain a good sense of SEO discipline through the addition of plugins, e.g. Google XML Site Map and the All-in-One SEO pack.

If you were on the fence before about making use of WordPress, I’m sure these ten reasons have changed your mind.