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5 best website builders you should consider for your own website

5 best website builders you should consider for your own website

2020-01-22 | Technology

Take a look at our selection of some of the best website builders around. A website allows your business to expand, reach new clients and generate more sales in no time.

A website allows your business to expand, reach new clients and generate more sales in no time. The major benefit of a business website is that it helps you stay close to your clients and provide them with some amazing results every time. With that in mind, you do need to either create the website on your own or hire someone to do it. If you don’t have the know-how, then you will notice website creation is quite an expensive service. Thankfully, there’s another option and that comes in the form of a website builder.

What is a website builder?

The website builder is an online or offline tool desired to help you create your website without any coding knowledge. Yes, normally you would need to know programming in order to create a website. But a website builder uses a drag and drop approach. You have some premade templates and tools that you can customize and adapt the way you want.

The great thing here is that everything is already coded for you. So all you need to do is to arrange your website visually the way you want, and once you do that you will have some great results. It helps a lot and it just makes the experience a lot more rewarding and interesting every time. As you can imagine there are multiple options when it comes to website builders, so we created a list with some of the best. All these tools listed here are very reliable, easy to use and they helped created thousands of websites that are already working very well online.


Squarespace is a website builder created specifically for creatives. The idea behind it is that it has some very high quality templates and it also comes with a free domain for a year. People also like it a lot because it’s friendly for web developers and it also comes with fast loading times and a reliable uptime. While the platform can be a bit overloaded with information, it’s safe to say that results can be great every time. Costs are also quite good, although it’s important to note that the plans are a bit more expensive when compared to other website builders. The benefit is that you have many high quality templates already good to go. Most of the time you won’t have to make any changes to those and that’s very helpful. You can also have separate email accounts, Squarespace requires you to pay $6 for each account via the Google Suite.

Based on our experience Squarespace is one of the best and most reliable website builders. It’s designed to work super well and you can adapt it to your requirements without that much of a problem. As we mentioned earlier, this is a tool created mostly for impressive visuals, and you will be quite amazed with it and the features you receive there.

Squarespace Visit Squarespace Weebly

Weebly has a very good reputation amongst website builders. What you will love about it is the fact that it has some affordable services and its templates are mobile friendly. On top of that, creating an online store is easy, just like creating a blog. And yes, it’s also fast and it has almost the perfect uptime. That does recommend it as a solid option especially if you want to create a really good website that will entice people with quality content all the time. It’s an intuitive tool and it also has a good loading time, something most of us want and expect from a tool of this caliber.

They are also offering a free domain for a year, and then it will cost you $19.95 per year. However, the monthly costs of hosting your website are a bit on the high side. That being said, we do find that Weebly is a very seamless and powerful tool to use. It allows you to play around with all kinds of ideas, it covers a lot of categories and it’s just a pleasant, unique tool for you to appreciate and enjoy all the time. You will appreciate the tremendous return on investment and the great quality that comes from the entire process. You will be quite amazed with the experience, so you should consider trying it out at the very least.

Weebly Visit Weebly Shopify

Shopify is maybe the number one website builder for ecommerce websites. It’s not a traditional website builder in the sense that it’s limited to a specific niche. That being said, if you want to sell anything online this is the right way to do it. The website delivers all that value and quality you want in a comprehensive manner and it works seamlessly all over the world which is always great to have. It’s not that costly either, but the great benefit is that you can add all sorts of plugins.

And since that is the type of feature most people need, customizable shopping, you will be quite impressed with the way this works and how you adapt it to everything in a proper manner. Setting up the Shopify website is a breeze and the best part about all of this is that you also have analytics and some marketing tools embedded in Shopify as well.

That helps a lot, it gives you a sense of cohesive support and lots of value as you try to obtain a very good result and a stellar experience with this entire system. It sounds rather odd and different at first, but it’s also unique and that’s definitely something to expand upon and enjoy all the time.

Shopify Visit Shopify Wix

Wix is one of the most popular website builder solutions that you can find on the market. It hosts more than 100 million users and it also has a pretty good ecommerce option too. They have 500+ designer-made templates and you can choose from multiple categories. It does take a little bit of time to optimize and customize everything in here, but it’s a truly remarkable and wonderful experience to have here.

They allow you to build just about any website you want without a problem. It does take a little bit for all of us to actively figure out what we want from a website. And with a tool like this you can finally do that in a way that really works for you. This ends up being super creative, not monotonous, just a lot of fun to play around with ideas and explore all kinds of options.

In regards to their customer support, we found it to be very reliable and responsive. It just makes sense to go with their system because it helps you a lot and it shows that they care for the customer. Another thing that’s pretty important is that they are offering long term discounts. If you’re looking to be with them in the long haul, you will find that they actually provide discounts. And since there are so many amazing features to choose from, it’s safe to say that Wix will always bring you the benefits and great attention to detail you expect. All in all, it’s a great tool and you have to check it out at the very least.

Wix Visit Wix SITE123

Most users come to SITE123 because it has that budget friendly approach and it works reasonably well too. This is actually offering a wonderful balance between budget friendliness, live chat and modern template designs. Having all of these available is quite handy and it will indeed provide you with some pretty good results as time goes by. It does take a little bit to get the stuff you need, but the payoff will shine and that’s what really matters in a situation like this. You will like the fact that you can change all kinds of stuff with just a few buttons. The customizable pages in particular are a pleasure to use and the best part is that you have design features and all kinds of buttons to make this cool and seamless too.

The templates are aplenty, and they do cover all kinds of industries. I wouldn’t say that they are the best in the bunch, but they definitely deliver the quality you would expect from this tool. Just like all the other website builder options, you have great uptime and the loading speed is less than a second, so it’s quite good to be honest. It’s also great that they have a free option, so you can actually test this thing before spending anything on it.

SITE123 Visit SITE123 Conclusion

Using a website builder is the best way to grow your business and just bring it to that next level. It’s exciting and fun to use at the same time. Yes you can find some challenges along the way, but it ends up being a powerful experience and one that you will not want to miss. It does take a little while to achieve a great experience, but once you start testing it out you will notice the payoff is amazing. You do want to use a website builder if you’re looking to create great websites without having to spend a lot of time and money. It totally works, and you will enjoy the results a lot!