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Character's with Special Myths

Character's with Special Myths

2019-11-12 |

Top Five Paintings Based On a Character with Special Myths

It is a well known statement that a small proportion of paintings launched and introduced by the famous artists gained reputation and popularity in the world. The artists believe that there are different secrets behind the progress or reputation of the special paintings. In this article, we will discuss some important types of paintings having a great level of reputation in the world. As a matter of fact, the paintings can make history with the help of artistic values. Producing these artistic values is not an easy job. There are paintings based on the personalities, keeping one or two characters, known best for the world of arts.

Mona Lisa:

When talking about the world’s most famous paintings based on the personalities, we can’t forget the name of Mona Lisa. It is a painting having a tremendous attention and reputation in the world of arts. It is considered difficult to complete the courses of arts without discussing or reading the chapters on Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa is a famous woman on the canvas. There are hundreds of myths about this woman. Some artists and philosophers believe that she was the mother of a famous intellectual Leonardo Da Vinci who was also known as War Engineer for the kingdom. This painting is present in the famous museum Louvre Museum Paris. What if we don’t talk about the previous history of this painting? Well, there is another fact related to this painting. According to the national records, the painting is seen by at least 6 million people per year. It is another most important fact related to the image. It is time to start thinking about the secrets hidden in this painting if you want to learn more about it. Leonardo painted it from 1503 to 1504.

The last supper

Again, it is a marvelous piece of production by the Leonardo da vinci. It is believed that this painting was created in 15th century. This painting is famous in the world because of the Jesus Christ. Yes, Leonardo tried to create a scene of Jesus with his last disciples. It is an amazing work done by the Leonardo but there is a fact making this painting more popular. In fact, the Leonardo depicted a wall of stones, a gallery with a dining table where Jesus and his disciples are busy in dining. For most of the artists and philosophers it is a creation that shows the results if someone follows the teachings of Jesus.

The creation of Adam:

One of the most anticipated paintings in the world. Michelangelo was the creator of this paining in the times of 1512. This painting is present in the Vatican City, Rome nowadays. The painting is based on the information given in the Book of Genesis. As a matter of fact, there are total nine scenes present in this book but Michelangelo picked “The Creation of Adam” to give it a colorful depiction. You can see this amazing painting on the Ceiling of great Sistine Chapel.

The Scream:

It is not a new painting because it was created around 1893. As a matter of fact, it is a simple painting made with the help of oil and pastel. Would you like to see this painting? Those who are willing to see this painting are suggested to visit The National Gallery in Oslo, Norway. This painting was made by the Edvard Munch. No one has completely understood the message behind this world’s most famous painting. According to some philosophers, the painter tried to explain the importance of scream in this world but he also showed that no one feels the pain of others. Carefully check the characters in this painting. There is a couple just right behind the girl who is screaming. However, the couple is happy and busy in normal life. Check this painting if you are in Norway.

Girl with a pearl earring:

This is another painting based on a famous character. According to most of the artists, the Girl with a pearl earring is a Dutch version of Mona Lisa. This painting was created in 1665 by the Johannes Vermeer. There are numerous myths related to this painting. Some artists believe that this painting was made because of the increasing fame of Mona Lisa by Leonardo. However, the creator of this painting made it different by giving it different style and design. The painting is also known as “Beauty of North.” Nowadays, this painting is present in the Mauritshuis Gallery, Netherland.