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Get Inspired by 80s Graphic Design

Get Inspired by 80s Graphic Design

2019-12-11 |

It can be said, undeniably, that the 80's is one of the most popular decades of the 20th century. The fashion and the music are not the only reasons, but the graphic design style of the 80s is also immensely popular. Why is this?...

What follows explains why the graphic design trends of this era are inspiring and appealing. You would be foolish not to be inspired by this decade and utilise the incredible ideas and themes that never go out of fashion.

The 80s was all about style, colour and outlandishness, not only in regards to fashion, which constantly comes back around into style. The graphic design style of the 80s mirrors this outrageousness of fashion, focussing on bright fluorescent colours, neon lights and an intense desire to create scenes of electro futurism. No doubt this is due to the discovery and boom in new computer technology that surrounded this decade.

80s graphic design inspiration

So why is this retro style of design still so popular in our current decade? There are several reasons designers are still taking this inspiration and utilising it to create fantastic pieces of graphic design work.

- Designers are all about recreating past styles and making it their own.

- To add something different to their design work, a bit of pizazz, designers love to add a retro aspect to their modern design work.

- The artwork of this decade is undeniably so vibrant and refreshing that designers can't help but be inspired.

Eventually everything comes back round again, everything comes back into style, and the same can be said for graphic design. Therefore in this respect we can say that if something is old, and comes back round, it is new again. So something old never stays old for long before it becomes new again.

80s graphic design inspiration

Why should you take inspiration from the 80s to enhance your graphic design work?

The 80's is all about statements, whether it be clothes, jewellery, music, and most certainly graphic design.

Graphic design is all about making a statement, gaining interest and grasping the attention of your intended audience. Therefore if you want to increase the audience and effectiveness of your design work take inspiration from the 80s and run with it.

In order to seize the attention of your intended audience then why not be inspired by the bold attitude, the neon colours, sharp typography and thrilling themes of this exciting decade.

The vibrant theme work is ultimately inspiring and can only bring about ideas for amazing design work.

Retro styles are hugely in fashion in many aspects of the modern world, utilise this craze and run with it while it's still popular.

80s graphic design inspiration

How can you use inspiration from the retro style of the 80s in your own graphic design work?

Why not start by researching popular and memorable ads such as Nike's popular add "Just do it", or "Be all that you can be".

Or you could take inspiration from movies such as "Breakin'" and "Krush Groove." Movies such as these made it possible for urban culture to be a constant factor in the life of an 80's person, therefore urban culture became mainstream and incredibly popular.

Pop culture and advertising saw itself being infiltrated, almost invaded so to speak, by the fashions and designs of this colourful decade.

. What graphic design aspects and themes of the 80s stand out the most?

As discussed above, the 80s is all about grabbing attention of your intended audience. Undeniably the bright colours combined with dark moody backgrounds and the outstanding typography using scripted font was successful in grabbing the attention of the audience of this era.

The Neon Noir visually bonded crime-filled streets coupled with designer infused wardrobes. The iconic subject matter of the 80s focusses on base ideas which encompassed palm trees, sports cars, beautiful women and sunsets. In this respect focus on what iconic subject matter is relevant your own graphic design work.

The one thing you may be concerned about is the genuineness and originality of taking inspiration from this decade. Don't be phased by this, there is so much content and design available to us in the modern world that it can be incredibly difficult to find an original idea or design. The same can be said for this inspiring decade, the 80s were so obviously and completely infinite that it can be incredibly time consuming and arduous to scope out original graphic design from that decade. But is this really an issue? What we find on the internet every day is actually incredibly current, this context was merely inspired by this decade. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. A good graphic designer looks for inspiration anywhere and everywhere and utilises this inspiration to create great pieces of graphic design.

The question you might be asking yourself is why is the current graphic design scene so inspired by and heavily littered with these brash graphical adornments of the recent past? You can say the western world is nostalgic, has a retro-thinking mind set or purely down to the fact that everything in this world is cyclical in the grand scheme of things. Therefore nothing ever permanently and devastatingly goes out of fashion. Why do you think so many people keep favourite items of clothing in their wardrobes, gathering dust from other decades, hoping it will come back around into fashion to wear again, which it usually does by the way.

To conclude, if something stands the test of time, in this instance the graphic design motifs and inspirations of this awe inspiring decade, then what is wrong with making the most of a good idea. There is no doubt that the trends and the aesthetics of 1980's graphic design work have come back around in full swing. It matters not if a design is merely old, purely ancient, new, current or in the future, you cannot and will not keep a good design down.

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