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How To Be a Successful Freelance Photographer

How To Be a Successful Freelance Photographer

2019-11-17 | photography

You should never assume that you know everything photography has to offer or that your skill is so honed that you no longer need to learn anything new.

Here we cover the basics of how to being as a freelance photography, what is important in the world of self employed photographers and how you can boost you freelance photography work significantly.

Why Freelance Photography?

If you have a keen interest in photography, are just starting off as an amateur photographer or having been working for a photography company for some time, freelance photography is an extremely rewarding and versatile occupation to venture into. Not only can it be extremely creative and rewarding, the chance to be your own boss is just too appealing to simply not consider. For many people in this world working for themselves is simply one of those exciting dreams. You'll experience satisfaction, freedom, a sense of independence and the chance to pursue the career of your dreams. There is always a down side though, the freelance photography life can be hard, time consuming and can take time to get yourself know. Just remember one of the main things you'll need to succeed is determination, hard work and dedication. The results will be incredibly rewarding in the long run.

tips on becoming and freelance photographer

Top Tips for a Photographers Success

Create an Online Profile

One of the most important steps to get yourself going in freelance photography is to create a great website with a daily blog. Your website will no doubt be your most valuable ally. Your website will be one of the biggest reasons whether or not a prospective client will decide to make use of your services. Ensure it is user friendly, simple to navigate and contains great content. After all this is where you will showcase your work. If you don't have enough content to fill your site, simply create some. Venture out with your camera and get snapping.

tips on becoming and freelance photographer

Plenty of Practice

You should never assume that you know everything photography has to offer or that your skill is so honed that you no longer need to learn anything new. There's no doubt that practising is as essential to your photography business as any sense of marketing or promotion. Try to take a break from paid jobs and shoot something inspirational, whatever that may be to you. Test your skills with varied techniques and styles.

tips on becoming and freelance photographer

Grow a Portfolio

To start getting paid jobs as a freelance photographer you will no doubt need to create and build upon a portfolio. Your portfolio is where you can display expamples of your work to draw in potential customers. Examine your work to identify the best pieces and begin to develop and grow your portfolio.

tips on becoming and freelance photographer

Don't Lose Sleep or Paid Jobs Because of Fear

When starting out as a freelance photographer you will probably be scared stiff over some of your initial requests. But remember these first jobs need to be done in order to get your career of the ground and your portfolio growing.

Ignore New Trends

If you try to spend all of your time trying to catch up with what is current and trending in the photography wolrd you will actually always be a step behind. Yes ok your work will not always be popular in the artistic world, but it will always be good to those that matter, your client. Youre better off trying to work on and choose a style that suits you, this will no doubt work to your advantage and put you in good stead to grow your portfolio.

Be Inspired

Do some research and spend time checking out what others have created, you'll never be able to, and certainly shouldn't want to, copy anyones work. However you can learn plenyu about the process and production of photography.

tips on becoming and freelance photographer

Be Communicative.

Ensure you always respond to emails and phone calls as swiftly and politely as possible. Any potential client will no doubt look elsewhere if you don't respond quickly enough. After all this person has just spent time looking into your site and work, and you are fresh and appealing in their mind. Every second that you lose dissipates the appeal.

Don't Make Promises you Can't Keep

If you believe that you can get a job done by a certain date, still don't commit to it. You never know what situations will come up to stop the job being finished. It is far easier to lose customers if you make a promise that you can't keep. Word of mouth travels even farther and faster when it involves client negative feedback.

Keep Building Your Knowledge

There is always something new to be learned in the way of photography. Use books, other artist and factual books and the internet in order to develop this knowledge. There are bound to be courses in your local area and online which can be extremely useful to build your knowledge.

tips on becoming and freelance photographer

Think About Cost

There's always the cost of a start up business to consider. You'll need to consider the cost of the equipment you need as a starting block. You'll need a digital camera, extra lens, memory cards, and a printer. These are just the basics. You'll need to think what your budget is first, this is an essential part to making money as a freelance photographer. It's important to get a good grip of what your hourly rate will be. For every job that you are considereing taking, you need to have a minimum amount you'll take and a maximum amount that would be preferable. But remember to negotiate and be a little bit flexible when starting out.

Be Confident

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, remember that you can do it, you have to believe in yourself. It's essential to keeping yourself going. Yes sometimes the job wont go quite as you'd like it to, but this is where you learn and develop your skills.

So remember, venturing out into the world as a freelance photographer will not always be easy, in fact sometimes it will be incredibly tough, and starting out isn't always cost effective or simple, but the rewards are amazing. All it takes is a liitle hard work and determination, along with a good portfolio and some great marketing of your work. In the end the rewards will be well worth it.

tips on becoming and freelance photographer