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How To Find Design Inspiration

How To Find Design Inspiration

2020-01-17 |

Do you often find yourself looking at a blank piece of paper or a blank screen, fighting against the emptiness that is your imagination?

Find Your Graphic Design Inspiration

Do you often find yourself looking at a blank piece of paper or a blank screen, fighting against the emptiness that is your imagination? Have you just agreed on a brief from a new client and are sitting their waiting for inspiration to pop into your head like a light bulb sparking to life? I’m sorry to tell you this but creativity doesn’t work quite that easily. In so many aspects of life, what we want won’t just come to fruition simply because we want it. Inspiration for your graphic design work, whether it is for a logo, a vector image or a whole website, will take some work to get the juices of your creativity flowing.

Unfortunately we must seek out our own inspiration. When you take notice of what’s around you, thus soaking up all of the inspiration available, you will eventually have collated a well formed idea to use in your graphic design work. The key to this is knowing when and where to look for inspiration. Take a look below for some simple yet incredibly useful tips for hunting down your own inspiration.

- Think outside the box; Inspiration can be a fickle thing, knowing where to look is really important, and the most important thing is to look beyond the obvious. You will find inspiration in the most unusual and seemingly uninspiring places. Dont just look for inspiration in your own field, if your a web designer look at print design, if your an architect, look at abstract photography. Look beyond your natural inststincts and you will find far more interesting and inspirational work.

how to find inspiration for design how to find inspiration for design

- Don’t just be inspired by the first thing you see; Make use of the vast amount of information available to you on the web. Take a look at other people's ideas and designs, whether it is logos, blogs, whole websites, photography or even art work. There is so much to make use of that you really don’t need to be inspired by only one thing, take aspects of many things to provide you with your creative inspiration. If you see something appealing or interesting, make a mental note, write it down, take a picture or save a copy. It will no doubt assist you in the design process.

how to find inspiration for design

- Don’t only rely on the internet; there are many more places other than the internet that can be utilised to provide inspiration. Search out and make use of design magazines, designer related blogs and even what’s all around you on the Street. If you look hard enough you will see artistic graffiti as just one example of the inspiration all around us. You can also read some of the many great design/development books that you can find in any good bookstore. Why not try watching some thought-provoking movies, or even trailers and short films. With a little digging you should even be able to find some breath-taking Typography motion videos.

how to find inspiration for design how to find inspiration for design

- Make a Mood Board; Mood boards can be a great place to note down any inspiration that you find. So organise your ideas and your inspiration with a mood board. You can even find great apps for creating mood boards using your iPad or tablet. That way you can quite easily collect, organise and be inspired by everyday things.

- Sign up to Social Media; Follow some of your favourite designers to be inspired. You can make use of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This will allow you to see what your favourite designers are doing and you might even discover some links to inspirational web resources.-

- Research design history; to be creatively inspired it’s certainly worth looking backwards at the history of design. Of course this all depends on your particular field of design. There may be hundreds of years of amassed insight that you are missing out on by ignoring the genius of those who passed before you. The web is a great source of inspiration when searching out the history of design, along with books, galleries and museums. Broaden your horizons; you don’t only need to look into the history of graphic design to be inspired. Your research may surprise you and you may learn something entirely new by merely looking into the past.

- Take a Break; lastly but certainly not least importantly, make sure you take a break from your design work and do something else for a little while. This will free your mind and when you come back to your work you will find yourself possessing a renewed vigour. Get some rest, sleep, take a long walk and get some fresh air, why not take up a sport or go swimming. It is such a simple solution to finding inspiration. You will not succeed in your graphic design with a tired body and a tired mind. Staying awake late looking for inspiration and attempting to come up with that perfect design will just not cut it.

Inspiration is all around you and you can certainly find it if you look hard enough. There is no doubt that to create great design work you will need to make use of all the fantastic resources available to us in this modern world.