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New and Continuing Web Design Trends of 2015

New and Continuing Web Design Trends of 2015

2019-11-13 |

As we go into 2015 there is no doubt that many designers will be contemplating what trends will be the most popular and successful. See below for the trends which I believe to be invading 2015, the use of which will enable you to make the most of and enhance your own web design work.

Full Width Web Design

It is an endless truth that the web has always been and will always be a liquid and expanding platform, much in the same way the universe is. It is constantly changing and expanding. Layout was initiated with the table element and later the DIV element was brought in. Each element, or the DIV, can be utilised to fill and expand a page or a blog. Elements can also be worked in the opposite direction to naturally rescale and contract the viewport size to make it user friendly.

This might appear to only start out as a trend; however I feel that it is inevitable that there will be a clear movement towards this style of full width web design. There is no doubt that let everything on screen fill the view port and the abandon the fixed width containers is and will become incredibly and increasingly more popular in 2015.

Consider the landscape of your page, as the device landscape gets wider it is essential to consider the methods to your design. Your interfaces, experiences and even your ideas need to be fluid.

Although full width web design has become an extremely popular trend for 2015, it is also important as a designer to understand and contemplate responsive design. If you do this you will find it much easier to understand when it is the appropriate solution for each and every project. It is indeed true that responsive design is built on the foundation of creating well-built, fluid websites. Do this as a form of a best-practice guide for yourself as a designer. This is especially important as we move into 2015 with web design in general and to roll with the current and new trends. See the below point for a more detailed explanation of Responsive Design.

full width web design

Responsive Design

An important thing to remember when creating your site is that you are not only doing so for phones, tablets and desktops alone anymore. A common thing to remember for 2015 is that businesses want websites that work well not only on these devices but also TVs, smart watches, home appliances and even cars. Although this list is not exhaustive. Therefore the definition and scope of responsive design is quickly and vastly expanding.

Each platform has different needs and challenges, for example tablets and smartphones use very familiar interaction systems. The main issue here is the making sure that the content is appropriately sized and therefore easy to navigate.

Although this is most certainly a very current and necessary trend, the solutions to these new problems are not completely evident and will no doubt take a little time to be found. However, no doubt by the end of 2015, the sheer volume of users of the smart device market and subsequently an urgent need to focus on responsive design will ensure web designers find ways to adapt their techniques to meet this need.

So it can surely be said that if your site isn't responsive yet, you most certainly need to consider a redesign. Make use of this need and include it in your marketing budget now in order to plan for any ways it will impact your search engine optimization strategy.

But don't be down heartened by the lack of current solutions, surely by the end of 2015, we will start to see new solutions emerging for Responsive Design.

responsive web design

Large Background Images

One of the most effective methods to make your website prominent and stand out against others in the same field, is by making sure that your website contains great content displayed blatantly. This popular trend is a great way to accomplish this and when melded into a larger design style it certainly doesn't look tacky, but powerfully attention grabbing. Undeniably this common practice among websites is becoming incredibly popular as it allows your site to be based upon a very stylish design.

So what is the first thing that your intended audience is looking for when entering your site? The answer is an aesthetically pleasing website. This is the initial element to your website that your visitor responds and reacts to. Whether it is consciously or subconsciously. Therefore large background images, when used in the correct way, are an incredibly simple way to draw in your audience.

A good looking website is one of the first aspects of your site that your visitor responds to, both consciously and subconsciously. A large background image, when used appropriately, is an easy way to give your site a smooth design without losing essentially important content.

When looking from a design perspective, an image is evidently much easier to understand and assimilate into our brains than copy. It can also be effectively scaled down for the use of mobile devices without a struggle to read the text. Please keep in mind though that while larger images can be eye-catching, if they are irrelevant to the contact or are not combined with quality content these large background images can become ineffective. Remember the message or story you are trying to communicate to your intended audience. Large background images may look appealing and draw visitors to your site, but if not combined with great content it can become redundant.

web background images

Flat Design

So what is flat design and why is becoming an increasingly popular trend of 2015? First of all flat design focusses on a minimalist use of basic, simple elements, typography and flat colours. Flat design can therefore be described as a style of interface design which removes any stylistic choices in order to remove the illusion of three-dimensions. Three dimensions could refer to drop textures, gradients or shadows.

Important aspects of Flat design and why you should utilise this trend.
- Firstly it ensures that the designer is forced to focus on the content as the emphasis of the design. This enables the designer to reach out to the audience using a simple and compelling design. - The Flat Design style focusses centrally on colour. This trend allows the designer not to be limited by outdated and overused colours such as "business blue" and "metallic chrome". Instead focus can be put on experimenting with exciting new shades such as web green, peachy red, and lilac purple. Remember colours are extremely influential and engaging. - Aesthetics are very important to Flat design due to the fact that it can be engaging as it presents an inviting visual palette. This is a clean and simple technique which focussed on effective typography, great colour schemes and simple icons.

As Flat Design shifts the focus of any site heavily on the softer aesthetic edge, it results in an effortless shift in attention from the design over to the content. This is a must in order to communicate your content and message effectively as the design never overshadows the message.

flat web design

Using Info-Graphics

Infographics can be described as graphic visual representations of data which are ultimately intended to present complex information in a simple and engaging manner. The easiest way to explain Info-Graphics is just to show you.

In this fast moving modern world where everything is provided to us with a sense of urgency and immediateness, the web has become the same. When viewing anything on the web we want, no insist, as a culture, to see the information provided to us in a simple, fast and easy to digest format. Therefore you can see that the web is becoming a lot less text-heavy, even to the extent that certain apps and websites have next to no visible text. In order to engage the audience designers are instead making use of images and icons to communicate their message, and therefore making use of Info-Graphics.

In order to utilise this trend every designer needs to ask themselves the question "How do you utilise the huge amount of information available to you and successfully streamline in order to present your message in an engaging and informative way?

The clear answer is? You guessed it! Info- Graphic!

This trend will no doubt be immensely popular for 2015 and possibly beyond as one of the easiest and most effective ways to convey information.

web design infographics


Any designer, no matter what type of graphic design work they are creating, will tell you that choosing the correct font for any design project, whether in print or digital format, is absolutely essential to creating your intended design right and communicate your message first time around. Good Typography will ensure your website has an impressive, easy to understand and user friendly style.

You could say that Typography isn't a specific typeface trend – but can be described as a stylistic one. I believe in 2015, as was the case in 2014, we will see web designers continue to make use of bigger fonts to provide clear and easy to understand content. Therefore falling in line nicely with the Flat Design trend discussed above, putting more emphasis on content over the aesthetics.

You can utilise this trend in page headings and the use of clear large fonts to ensure your content and ultimately your message is being quickly and effectively communicated. Make sure your fonts are sharp, crisps and clear in order to fall in line with the continued Flat Design Trend.

Designers can be seen to favour function over form in 2015, emphasising simplicity, cleanness, and fluency. Don't clutter your site with illegible text; this will avoid users navigating away from your site. It is vital to draw in and engage the viewer in the first 30 seconds, so make use of clear typography combined with creative content.

As discussed above, there are plenty of trends that can be seen to be emerging and expanding swiftly in 2015. So please make use of these trends to make sure you are getting the most out of your site to engage and draw in as many visitors as possible. I'm sure whatever design project you are creating will be a huge success.

typography web design