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Paintings Based On Valuable Facts

Paintings Based On Valuable Facts

2019-11-12 |

Five Considerable Paintings Based On Valuable Facts

When talking about the paintings, it becomes important for the readers and experts to focus on the theme and message. Every painter wants to show something with the help of paints and colors. Nowadays, there are hundreds of paintings available in the museums looking forward for the explorers to come and explore the myths. Are you a fan of great paintings? Those who love to see the paintings made by the famous artists are recommended to read this article. It is very easy to find the famous and popular paintings with clear messages. Let’s see some important paintings by famous artists.

The Night Watch:

This is a well known painting made by the Rembrandt Van Rijn. No doubt, the theme of this painting is very simple because it shows the value of night watch and patrolling of guards in the streets but there is something that needs your attention. Most of the artists consider that this painting is related to the value of night watch by the soldiers of king to maintain peace in the country. You are suggested to focus on the presence of a little girl, a man who seems an intellectual, a person who is beating the drum and a little cat moving. All these things show that this night watch was an interesting activity for the people living in the area. On the other hand, the painting gives another fact. The guards shown in this painting are fully loaded with weapons and the Captain Frans Banning Cocq, and his Lieutenant are discussing something very important.

Self-Portrait without beard:

The message is very clear. It is a painting of common man who is looking forward to express his life without beard. This painting was made by the Vincent Van Gogh. No doubt there are numerous paintings made by this artists but it got the popularity because of no beard. It is a self portrait of Vincent. In 1998, this painting was sold for $71.5 million. Today, this painting is not under the national custody. Seeing a man without beard was not common when this painting was made. However, Vincent tried to give the true depiction of his face without beard.


It is one of the most interesting paintings by the Pablo Picasso. This painting is based on the famous civil war in Spain. The painting was made in Paris in 1937. This painting is considered important because of the bombing made by the enemies. The basic theme of this painting is “Bombing of Guernica” and it needs attention. There are many characters shown in this painting including a bull with gentle dress, men and women screaming because of pain, injured and dead people. These are some interesting features painted by the Picasso.

The persistence of memory

This is one of the most important paintings ever made by the Salvador Dali. In fact, this painting is related of the value of time. You will see five objects in this painting and all five objects have a melted clock. This painting was made in 1931. The painting has a very clear message. It discusses the value of time and way to spend it. The people are recommended to manage the time otherwise time will manage them. This is the open message in this painting. Apart from its artistic value, the painting is also related to the science. Yes, this famous painting is based on the famous Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein. Persistence of memory is considered a great piece for the world of arts.

Starry Night:

It is a masterpiece by the Vincent Van Gogh. The Dutch artist made in 1889. The biggest interesting fact about this painting is that is among the well known painting showing the modern culture. This painting has dual connections with the arts because it is made by a famous painter and it is based on the famous song “Starry Starry Night” by Don McLean. It is believed that this painting contains a secret message that needs research and study. Numerous philosophers and artists have tried to unhide the facts present in this painting. This painting is present in the national museum of New York. So these are top five painting made by the famous artists to discuss the importance and significance of common factors. We have discussed the value of time, night watch, starry night and humans in this blog. It is recommended to view the painting either by visiting the museums in different countries or online galleries.