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Sculptures with Great Artistic Values

Sculptures with Great Artistic Values

2019-11-13 |

Five Important Sculptures with Great Artistic Values

Five Important Sculptures with Great Artistic Values

Sculptures are considered very important in the art world. Numerous artists have tried to make the sculptures but it is important to see the important pieces having some special reasons. As a matter of fact, the sculptures are designed by inserting a special theme or message. When talking about the sculptures it is necessary to focus on the Greek History. The history of ancient Greek is an important chapter or field of study for the artists and philosophers. It is not possible to master in this field without studying the ancient Greek. We have chosen this topic because there is a great value of sculptures in the history as well as arts. Let’s see some important pieces right now.

Bronze David:

This is one of the most attractive sculptures in the world. This famous piece was created in 1440’s by the famous artist Donatello. Today, this masterpiece is considered one of the most attractive sculptures. This famous work was done in the Renaissance period. The biggest attractive point for the viewers is the freestanding nude depiction. The Bronze David is among the male sculptures having great recognition in the history. The Bronze David is standing with a gentle style having a leg on the head of a giant. Actually, it is said that David killed the Giant without any problem. The exact date of creation is unknown but there is an agreement that was designed from 1420s to 1440s.

Savannah bird girl statue:

It is not too old because it was created in 1936 by the famous sculpture designer Sylvia Shaw. The sculpture was made in the deep forests of Illinois. The statue printed on the cover of famous novel “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” The statue shows the life of a young girl feeling a sad moment just because of the loneliness in the garden. There are two bowls in her hands. It is said that these two bowls are “Birds Feeders.” Savannah Bird Girl Statue is among the most popular artistic pieces made by a Non-Greek.

The Discus Thrower:

It is a pure Greek statue because it shows the starting point of a famous game known as Discuss Throwing. This artistic piece was completed in 460 BC. An amazing fact about this statue is that it is not present in its original form. The original Greek statue is hidden in this world. It is believed that there are numerous Roman copies of this statue available around the world. The discus throwing is a nude sculpture. In fact, it was an ancient Greek philosophy to make the famous characters nude. Most of the Roman copies of this statue have been made with marble. It is believed that original statue was made with bronze.

The Kiss:

Don’t forget that is also nude. The Kiss is a famous sculpture made in 1889 with the marble by Auguste Rodin who was a popular French sculptor. This statue is based on a true story of an Italian woman who falls in love with the younger brother of her husband. The couple was discovered and brutally killed by the husband. In this scene, you can see that the lips of two lovers are not meeting. It means that they were interrupted by someone (Francesca’s Husband). This sculpture was discovered in 1887 and the artists called it Le Baiser which means The Kiss. The two statues (a young man and a woman) are fully nude and involved in love act. This statue is considered an evidence of Love is Blind.

Hermes and the Infant Dionysus:

Hermes and the infant (Dionysus) is one of the most popular Greek sculptures discovered by the modern world. The statue is also called Hermes of Praxiteles. According to some artists it is Hermes of Olympus. This piece was discovered in 1877 in the destroyed Temple of Hera. It is said that this piece was made in the 4th century. There is a great level of controversy among the art experts and historians about the date of and purpose of creation. Just like other famous Greek sculpture it is also nude. The statue shows a made with a broken arm (some historian suggest that arm was broken by enemies who attacked the Olympia), an infant on the left arm and a piece of cloth hanging on the left arm. There is a deep meaning of this sculpture but the historians are in a conflict about the purpose of creating this statue of Hermes.