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Why is Responsive Web Design so Important

Why is Responsive Web Design so Important

2019-11-17 |

Stay Ahead of the Competition and keep up with responsive web design!

Why is Responsive Web Design so Important?

Take a look around you, whether you’re in a coffee shop, in a bar, at work, or just walking in the street. There is no doubt that you will see people all around you using a variety of different devices. With developments in technology in the modern world Laptops, Smart Phones, IPad, Tablets and Kindles are being used all over the world on a daily basis. For this reason making sure that you provide mobile friendly sites is hugely important. I’m wondering what device you are reading this on right now; no doubt there are many of you that are making use of a smart phone to read this blog. Therefore it is pretty safe to say that Smart Phones and Tablets have altered the approach towards design and ultimately user experience.

Prior to the explosion of mobile devices which make use of technologically advanced web-browsing capability, there was only one thing web designers really had to worry about; ensuring that the look and feel of their websites was consistent with various desktop computer browsers. But interacting with websites on smartphones and tablets is completely different; web designers now need to consider Screen-size, Pixel-resolution and Click versus Touch. Furthermore web designers need to ensure their websites support Adobe’s Flash technology along with optimized mark-up, with many more factors which have become essential while creating websites that utilise Responsive Design. But in order to understand just exactly why Responsive Web Design so important for your website it is essential to understand what “Responsive Web Design” refers to.

Responsive Web Design, otherwise known as RWD, refers to when a website has been constructed to ensure that any and all content, including images and the structure of the site will remain the same on any device, ensuring easy viewing by the audience. A good example is when a user enters a site on their laptop, which means they are able to view the full site. But the main reason Responsive Web Design is so essential is that when the same user enters the site from their smartphone or tablet, the full site will retract to fit the smaller screen, ensuring much easier viewing for the user. In this way, if you make use of Responsive Web Design, there is no worry about having different websites to be used by users on various devices and/or ensuring that your site runs easily and efficiently on a mobile device. But it is important also know how beneficial Responsive Web Design can be for your website.

Proof your Website for the Future

Sites that make use of Responsive Web Design (RWD) work efficiently across a multitude of already existing devices on the market. Therefore it’s quite safe to say that it will be the same well into the future.

Make it Easy for Your User

Optimizing your site in any way possible, no matter what the user is looking at on that particular visit, will inevitably make their life easier. Happier customers equal a happier business due to more sales. So make your website better than the rest, faster than the rest and lastly but most importantly smarter than the rest.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

As discussed above, in making your website easier to use you will manage to stay ahead of the vast competition. It is easy to assume that everyday more users are using their mobile devices to search for and purchase items online, therefore you will need to cater to that audience by utilising a mobile-friendly site. With this increasing use of mobile devices it is no wonder that 85 percent of adults feel that a mobile site must be just as good, if not even better than, a desktop site. You really want to try and stay ahead of your competition with a site that stands out. If you are not making use of responsive web designs you will no doubt lose potential customers which will visit other mobile friendly sites. Make use of Responsive Web Design so that you can stay ahead and keep those customers away from your competitors.

Time and Cost Efficient

It may be true that Responsive sites can take a fraction longer to build, but they usually survive longer and the united approach results in upgrades, management and support only being required to be applied to one place. Hey Presto, saving you time and money. You may think that creating a responsive website is expensive, but it really is not in the long run. Yes, the cost is somewhat more at first than if creating a conventional website, however the expenses to create separate website for mobile and other devices is completely eradicated, which, as a result, reduces the total development costs. Responsive web design also cuts the total ownership cost down as it depletes the need to maintain different versions of a site.

SEO Optimised

When managing SEO separately for both mobile and desktop sites you will find it difficult and it certainly doesn’t produce great results. Google will actually recommend making use of Responsive Web Design to combat this issue and a combined view of your results equals more focus.


You have to love Responsive Web Design Responsive Web Design definitely isn’t a trend or passing fad any more, it’s a must have. If you are able to offer viewers a beautifully optimized experience no matter what their choice of device you will definitely have expanded the reach of your service and range of clientele. The long lasting, time and cost effective nature of this approach is hugely valuable and provides too many advantages to ignore.