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Why Imagery Can Make or Break a Website

Why Imagery Can Make or Break a Website

2019-11-13 |

Think about the successful components of a website, such as photography, branding...

The phrase "a picture paints a thousand words" can often be a bit overused, but is truly apt on this occasion as it illustrates the necessity for great images in order to sell a product or service. The creation of your website no doubt involves the need tell a story. You can do this with different forms of design, such as photography and illustration, such as vector art. It is obvious that any effective design will need to convey a message or tell a story. Whatever message you're trying to convey needs to be easily understandable. There are several important factors required for your imagery to make an impact; these can be in the form of the photo type and quality, the style of design when thinking about vectors and logos, use of colour, consistency, and simplicity of the image. All of these factors contribute to a well-designed site.

When designing or redesigning a website you will need to invest plenty of not only time but also energy. Think about the successful components of a website, such as photography, branding, logos and videography. When creating a website you're looking to tell a tale, and therefore imagery is a focal point to telling any great story.

We currently live in the world of visual culture, everyone has a phone in their pocket and we are more enticed by images than words than ever before. This is because imagery is interactive, but let's looks at further reasons why images are important to your website.

-Articles or blogs that have images attached will have 94% more total views.
-Press release views can increase by 45% just by including a Photo and/or a video.
-A business that has an image that shows up in local search results will have 60% more of consumers whom are more likely to deliberate or interact with a business.
-Engagement rate is higher for website and blogs that use clear high quality and interesting imagery.

We all know how important first impressions are

They are usually formed within seconds and are often based on what we see visually. This transcends to us as consumers and how most of what we absorb and interpret is visual top notch design; which can make your site stand out and make an impression with the viewer. As human beings we are visual creatures, therefore what we see has a huge impact on the success of any website. Images exceed language and words and consent for a superior understanding of whatever message you are attempting to convey.

Utilising high quality photos is really important to your website; it can make or break it

Although it's not always considered the most important aspect, great photography is one of the most vital components of your website. Choosing relevant and apt photos make an enormous metamorphosis in the overall imprint and efficiency of your website. You really do not want to skimp on photography. If cost is not an issue, the best option is to have custom professional photos taken specifically for your website. However this is not always possible, so at least make use of good stock photography that appropriately represents your product.

Stock photography can be very important in the quality of imagery But you want to use stock photography correctly

When choosing the right stock photography you must look for distinctive and persuasive images that are appropriate to your brand and convey your message without looking cliche.

When creating or redesigning your website you must remember that when viewers visit your website, they will be making a quick and instant decision on the trustworthiness of your company and whether or not they are attracted to your product. The type of image you use will set the tone. Don't waste this chance to produce a detailed certainty that will undoubtable influence your prospective customers through the use of fantastic imagery.

There is no doubt that in this visual modern world we live in that awesome and memorable photos will have a positive impact on your viewers and will therefore attract more customers.