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Why Web Design Matters

Why Web Design Matters

2020-01-25 |

First Impressions in Web Design

There’s no denying that first impressions matter, which can be said in all aspects of life, but especially so in web design. Web design will need to be impressive and attractive to catch your audiences eye in our highly visually society. Let’s be honest, today’s I want it now society does not want to read lengthy paragraphs, they want to be visually attracted and enticed by your site without initially having to read too much. The appearance of your site will allow users to make a decision on whether or not they want to interact or do business with your site. If you want to draw users in and keep them there, a bad first impression means you are a click away from losing their interest and inevitably their custom.

Make Sure Your Web Design Creates an Amazing First Impression

Now you’re asking the question, how I ensure I keep the user interested and gain their custom. A visually appealing design scheme is essential to ensure that the first glance last infinitely longer and retains users. The essentially necessary visuals needed to grasp the optimum attention of the user and keep it will be a robust image/illustration, something individually unusual on the screen, failing that you can utilise sharp contrast, and last but certainly not least, a memorable word or phrase.

What Does Your Audience Look for in Web Design?

It’s important to know which aspects of your page/site that the users will glance at first. There are eye tracking studies available online and information which can help to plan a wireframe that users will be likely to want to engage with.

There are key elements that users most often seek out first;

- A Striking main image or graphic, especially if it is large or oversized

- Branding/logos

- Easy to follow navigation so the user can get an insight into what the site contains

- Text or a written message which makes use of large lettering

- Website footer/contact information

Ensure Usability and Easy User Experience;

Imagine your site has made a great first impression and now the user is interested in navigating the site, this is where good user experience is essential in web design. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to know that usability and an easy user experience is extremely important in web design. Anyone who has every visited even one single website will know that a website which is difficult to use and impossible to navigate will almost immediately result in users wandering away from your site. Any user struggling with your website will being looking for a more optimum website that gives them exactly what they’re looking and easily. Firstly it’s essential to establish your goals for your website. Are you simply looking to attract more visitors, do you want these visitors to action something or are you looking to sell a service/product to the user. Therefore you want, nay need, conversion; ensuring that the user acts when given precise pieces of information.

Layout, navigation and colour will play a huge part in whether or not the user acts the way you want them to on the site, and how frequently. Imagine your website and design is jumbled with poorly placed and annoying ads, or your navigation is difficult to use and confusing, or your colours are unbalanced and distracting. This will ensure that your design (or lack of) is actually acting as an off-putting measure when it comes to attaining your goals and engaging the user.

In order to keep the user and ensure they action the site in the way you want them to you must ensure uniformity and reliability in both the layout and style (including elements such as fonts and buttons), ensuring it is simple and easy for the user to navigate your website.

Importance of Content in Web Design

In order to ensure the maximum appeal of your website you’ll need to consider how content factors into your web design. Great web design gives you the control you need to ensure that your content is delivered not only efficiently and clearly but with the most impact possible. Consequently great design means greater control over content and maximum impact; you can control the message and ensure it gets to the user in the right way. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you had spent hours and hours planning and composing your content, to then have it designed and delivered badly would result in a huge waste of time and energy. The important elements to remember when a copywriter has created the content and the designer creates the flattering visual environment to make it more effective are; to ensure the message is short and to the point, visually appealing and inviting, and last but not least ensuring the user is able to remember the message and keep coming back for more. But you don’t want to over clutter the page, making it nearly impossible for the user to physically read the page, never mind return to it. This ensures that streamlining the content the designer can easily place the key text into the website, technically including lots of negative space, letting the user’s eye rest so they do not become tired of reading. In this way the imagery/branding/logos used need to be clear, concise and attractive in order to ensure the user doesn’t bore and that their eye doesn’t wander off the page.

Better Branding in Web Design

Similarly the content of your web site is significant in the use of branding, and not only for the fact that it literally communicates your company’s brand, position and promise. If your company makes use of a specific brand/logo that is frequently seen in print materials, e.g. business cards, leaflets, posters, the logo, brand and colours, brand messaging and images used for print must, no have to be, passed over into the website design. The users, especially if you want them to keep coming back to your site, must be able to recognize your brand in all forms of communication, allowing the user to associate your brand position and message/promise with your business.

Web Design = Control

As we continue to grow and evolve into this extremely visual society there is absolutely no doubt that you should be making use of great web design in order to make a great first impression and engage and ensure you keep the attention of the user. This will allow the user to take the actions you want them to take and ensuring your content is delivered in the most efficient way possible. A Great sense of web design is incredibly important as it gives you that sense of control that you need in order to ensure the optimum interest and usability and most importantly successfulness of your site.