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Digimad Media Licence

What you can do:

Modify or use the Digimad Media Exclusive resources for personal use for yourself or a client as long as the work is attributed to Digimad Media. Some Digimad Exclusive graphics are also available for commercial use once licence is purchased, you can purchase these assets using the buy now button on the page if one is available. If licence is purchased you can then use that specific asset for commercial use without need of an attribution.

What you cant do:

Redistribute of resell our resources by themselves or as part of a package for free or as a saleable product. If you would like to to share our resources on your blog, website, or image bank please link back to the resource page on the website.

Other Resources

We also have lots of free and premium links on the site to outsider authors and image banks. Any resource linking outside of are trademarks of their respective owners. Make sure to check out the license before you use them.

Any questions?

If you have any concerns or you wish to report a copyright infringement please Contact Us and we will be more than happy to help.

Copyright Digimad Media 2012 - 2016

For websites:

Paste this code onto your website to accredit Digimad Media:
<a href="">
Vector designed by Digimad Media

For printing:

Paste this text on the final work so the authorship is known.
'Design Name' designed by

For more information see our licence