How Wildlife Photography Became Art

Review of 50 Years of Wildlife Photographer of the Year: How Wildlife Photography Became Art Book Summary


Adobe Illustrator Valentines Card Vector Tutorial

Here we have an Adobe Illustrator tutorial to help you create a custom valentines card for someone special. Add you own photos and make it personal!


Photography tips The Secret to Great Street Photography

Street Photography is not an easy thing to master by any means. The modern world is fast moving and complex, no street or scene will ever be the same.


16 Websites with inspirational navigation

Here are 16 of some of our favourite examples of navigation in web design and and front end development.


Recent Creative Quotes

A few of our favourite creative quotes we have created over the last few weeks.


5 Fantastic Vintage Logo Design Templates For Inspiration

Here are some of our favourite and best vintage and retro logo and badge designs templates on Creative Market.


5 Typography Tips for Beginners

It really is important to know a good font from a bad one which can enable you to progress on your way to being a great graphic designer.


Free Business Card Vector Template

Another free vector design from us at Digimad media, get this simple clean business card template design now for commercial use.


Web Design Tips Why and How To Use Wireframing

A wireframe can be described as an optical portrayal of a user interface that has been shredded of any visual design or logos. Wireframing is an essential step to any screen design process.


FREE website design PSD Inspire Design

Download this freebie psd design from us at Digimad.


What Makes a Logo Great

It is essential to firstly understand what a great logo is. Only by understanding this will you inevitably understand what the main purpose and therefore impact of a logo can be.


Vector Airplane Illustrator Tutorial

Check out our airplane vector tutorial, here you will learn the process in which was used to create this stylized illustration of a modern airplane using Adobe Illustrator.


How To Use Symmetry and Patterns in Photography

Whether or not you are familiar which Symmetry or Patterns in Photography, it is true that Symmetry and Patterns has been used in other visual forms for some time now and is indeed very popular.


New and Continuing Web Design Trends of 2015

As we go into 2015 there is no doubt that many designers will be contemplating what trends will be the most popular and successful. See below for the trends which I believe to be invading 2015, the use of which will enable you to make the most of and enhance your own web design work.


Vector Mobile Phone Illustrator Tutorial

Take a look at the mobile phone vector tutorial, here you will learn the process in which was used to create this stylised illustration of a modern mobile phone device using Adobe Illustrator.



Check out this weeks infographics from Digimad. Get your business noticed with our premium infographics, these corporate vector come in ai, eps and jpeg file types.


Get Inspired by 80s Graphic Design

It can be said, undeniably, that the 80's is one of the most popular decades of the 20th century. The fashion and the music are not the only reasons, but the graphic design style of the 80s is also immensely popular. Why is this?...


Vector Glasses Illustrator Tutorial

Learn the process in which was used to create this illustration of a realistic pair of glasses using Adobe Illustrator.


5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Graphic Design Work

Design is everywhere; it encompasses the modern world that we live in, it is a constant in our daily lives, appealing to our subconscious via mediums such as the TV, the internet, and on billboards, to name just a few.


Tips for better landscape photography

There are many variables which can determine the success or the failure of the photograph. Understanding the basics of composition and lighting of course plays a crucial role in how the landscape will be presented. However there are few tips and tricks which can be applied when shooting landscape photography which will help for better photographs.

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