Below you will find a simple and easy tutorial on how to create a vintage badge icon design using adobe illustrator, video and images included.

Vintage Badge Icon Video

Step 1

Using the shape too create a circle with a 10px black stroke.


Step 2

Within the original circle, create another cirlce slightly smaller than the original, leaving some which space between the two.


Step 3

Select the outer circle and give it a zig zag tranformation. Go to effect, Distort and Transform and Zig Zag.


Step 4

Once on the Zig Zag settings, select preview to view your changes and give it 6 ridges as 20px size


Step 5

Fill the outer circle with a colour of choice, we are usng black to match the stroke. Then select effect Stylize and Round Corners


Step 6

Hit Preview in the Round Cornders settings and give the corners a 60px radius to ceate the rounded look.


Step 7

Select your inner cirlce and change the colour to white.


Step 8

Inside the second circle draw another with the same stroke as the others.


Step 9

Insert your chosen text, choosing fonts that match your vintage style badge and position them the content within your thrid cirlce, leaving plenty of space between the text and the circle.


Step 10

Above your text, using the pen tool draw a line with a stroke of 10px with no fille.


Step 11

Select the line and go to Window, Stroke to bring up the stroke options. Select the dashed line option and set the first value to 7px and the second value to 10 px. This will set the dash size and gap width.


Step 13

Copy your initial dashed line and paste it in position beneath your text.


Step 14

Resposition and resize your text and dashed lines until you are happy withe its position.


Step 15

Optionally you can remove the original outer shapes stroke dependant on your preffered choise of its size.



Thanks for ready and we hope you learned something new!


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