Digimad Media Licence

What can you do with our Standard License Content?

Purchased content exclusively created by Digimad Media can be used for personal as well as business & commercial purposes.

Social Media Websites

Decorative Purposes

Print / Publications, Digital Media, Education



Art, Design Elements

Marketing, Advertising, Promotions

You may not use our content in the following manner:

Sublicense or sell the license. Your license covers your use of the content only, unless you purchase an Extended License

Sell or license the content on its own. The content has to form part of a work that you create and own.

Use our content to create obscene, illegal or defamatory works.

Use our content as a logo, because you will not be able to trademark it. The content could be licensed by others so you can't protect it.

Infringe the intellectual property rights of us or others.

Third Party Licences

Any links to downloads for any third party websites will contain different licences and are not the responsibility of Digimad Media. For clarification on the licencing of any third party downloads please check the third parties website for information and legal licencing options.

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For websites:

Paste this code onto your website to accredit Digimad Media:
<a href="https://www.digimadmedia.com">
Vector designed by Digimad Media

For printing:

Paste this text on the final work so the authorship is known.
'Design Name' designed by digimadmedia.com

For more information see our licence